New iTunes Gift Card Codes – 100% Working

What are iTunes gift cards?

An iTunes present card is a pre-bought credit for Apple’s iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is Apple’s media and the product commercial center, from where you can purchase music, applications, motion pictures and substantially more. It isn’t equivalent to the Apple Store, where you can utilize Apple store present cards to buy actual things like MacBook and ipads.

How do you load your gift card into iTunes?

To reclaim an App Store and iTunes Gift Card, you’ll add credit to your Apple ID balance. You can get to your Apple ID balance on a work area or cell phone.

Can you use an iTunes gift card at an Apple store?

Just Apple Store Gift Cards can be utilized on items at an Apple Store.

What are the restrictions on iTunes gift cards?

You can’t utilize your iTunes present card credit to buy presents for another person or purchase more present cards. You can’t impart credit to relatives, regardless of whether you use Family Sharing.

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